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Eliminate Clutter With 5 Bedroom Solutions

You deserve a bedroom that is calm and relaxing… a place where you can unwind at the end of the day. Think of your bedroom as your private spa or oasis. You’re probably picturing soothing colors and natural finishes like fresh flowers or potted plants. What you’re probably not picturing are piles of folded (or not folded!) laundry and other miscellaneous clutter. And hey, we get it! Bedrooms are where we store our clothes and shoes, and sometimes books and paperwork can pile up on the nightstand. But with these storage solutions, you can give your belongings a beautiful place to store without compromising your bedroom’s style.

Modern Dresser

This furniture staple has been a bedroom showstopper for many decades and it isn’t going out of style anytime soon! Look for a dresser that fits your style by asking about natural wood finishes for a rustic look or a distressed white paint for a vintage chic room. Dressers will always be number one in terms of storage because the deep drawers add tons of storage space for folded clothes, blankets, extra sheets, and whatever else needs a home. Most of the dressers have optional mirror attachments so that your dresser can pull double duty as a vanity!

Chest of Drawers

A bedroom chest is the sibling of the dresser, although sometimes people get the names mixed up. A chest of drawers is taller and skinnier than a dresser, meaning it is perfect for smaller bedrooms. Because you get more drawers in fewer square feet of floor space, chests work great against a small wall or in a teenager’s room. Ask about matching dressers and chests as part of a complete bedroom set!

Technology-Ready Nightstand

Many new nightstands come equipped for the modern lifestyle. With built-in charging ports, you’ll no longer have to fumble around in the dark to find your phone charger! Plus the right nightstand will give you extra drawers and shelves to store things like reading glasses and books. Add style to your bedroom with fun metal pulls on the drawers or mix and match styles on either side of the bed!

An Extra Shelf in the Closet

Give yourself a little more room by hanging an additional shelf in the closet. This storage idea is perfect for items you only use a couple times a year, like Christmas decorations or Halloween costumes. You can use a step stool to retrieve these items when needed, then keep them stored in bins during the rest of the year to keep dust and sunlight from causing damage.

A Storage Bed

If you are tight on space, a bed with built-in storage is the perfect solution. Ask your sales associate about storage beds with drawers added under the mattress. This is a great way to add additional storage that is much easier to access than traditional under-bed storage systems. Plus, these beds are available in a range of styles and finishes.