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Five Ways To Use An Accent Chair

We love home furniture that is versatile and can be used multiple ways and in multiple rooms. The accent chair is a great piece of furniture because it adds a lot of color and pattern but is small enough to use all throughout the home! We’ve asked our designers to list some of the different ways they incorporate accent chairs in their projects so you can use them in your home too!

1 – Dining Room Chairs

Not many people think to use accent chairs around the dining room table, but these pieces can be perfect alternative to captains’ chairs at the head of the table. Smaller scale accent chairs (with or without armrests) can be mixed with normal dining room chairs to create a completely unique dining experience. We recommend looking for stain-resistant upholstery like a dark leather for this specific use.

2 – Entryway Chairs

Often you’ll see benches used for seating in the entryway on magazine photos or on Pinterest, but not many homes have room for an entire bench in their entryway or foyer. That’s where an accent chair can help. This smaller option still leaves room for you to put on or remove shoes near the doorway or set down your purse while you check your hair and makeup in a nearby mirror. Plus, the accent chair can be brought into another room if additional seating is needed!

3 – Reading Chair in the Bedroom

Sleep experts recommend that people avoid using their bed to read, work, or watch TV because it should be a place of rest. That’s why we suggest creating a reading nook in the bedroom where you can escape busier rooms and find some peace and quiet before bedtime. Pair the accent chair with an ottoman or pouf plus a nightstand so you can sit back and relax at the end of a long day!

4 – Office Chair

Just because it doesn’t swivel and roll doesn’t make it a good office chair! Unless you really like both of those features, they really aren’t necessary for a smaller desk in a home office. When shopping for a accent chair that will function as an office chair, be sure to consider the height of the chair compared to the bottom of the desk. You wouldn’t want a chair that doesn’t fit comfortably underneath! Also, make sure that it is a comfortable chair that you would be okay to sit in for a few hours at a time. But don’t forget to find an option that looks great too!

5 – Living Room Seating

And last but not least, accent chairs make great seating options in the living room. Pair one or two accent chairs with sofas, sectionals, chaise lounges, and loveseats so all of your friends and family have a place to sit. Plus, because our store has tons of options for the living room, you can also find the perfect coffee table, sofa table, end table, side table, and cart to finish the look.

Accent chairs are great options for every room because they can be used for any type of seating that you need, plus the price is right! We have affordable options in every size, color, and style imaginable! Take a look at what’s on sale now and stop by the store to see which accent chairs you like best!