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How to Create An Eye-Catching Room

When our designers are working on a new project, they like to keep track of the height of every piece of furniture and accessory they consider. This allows them to utilize all of the height available to them in each space, and also creates a visually pleasing look that helps eyesight travel up and down a room rather than simply side to side.


If you’re hanging a single piece of artwork, it’s best to hang it so that the center of the piece is right at eye level (about 57” for the average height). However, you can create an art gallery that groups multiple paintings at varying heights along a single wall or hallway. One interesting way to draw attention up is to hang three or more pieces of the same shape in a vertical line. You can do this on each side of a tall headboard to make your bedroom seem larger, or create an accent wall elsewhere.


Mirrors are one of the best tools in a designer’s arsenal because they reflect light (which makes the space brighter) and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can even add metallic accents or geometric patterns with unique frames and patterns. Since mirrors are slightly different than artwork, they can be hung much higher than the average painting. Use large mirrors above tall dressers (which can be beautiful as well as practical) to draw the eye line even higher. Also, a mirror in the entryway is always a good idea so you can make sure everything is in place before you leave your home.


To add the finishing touches, look for accessories that vary in height as much as the rest of the room. That way you can use tall candle sticks or vases to fill in places without much height and you can use short plants and lamps where artwork climbs high up the walls. Tall trees (or faux trees) are also perfect making lonely and bare corners look vibrant.

One way to decide whether one of your rooms could use more height variation is by looking at it through your camera’s lens. Take a picture of the room and see if it looks as balanced and thought out as the pictures you see in magazines on online. If you’re struggling, bring your photo with you and we’ll help create a beautifully designed room with you.