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How to Make A Small Room Feel Big

Just because you are working with a smaller floor plan doesn’t mean your home needs to feel cramped. These simple tips can help any room feel open and airy while still being comfortable.

It’s All About Proportion

It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes small accessories like rugs and artwork can actually work against you to make a room seem smaller. A small area rug can draw attention to space constraints where a larger rug would blend in seamlessly with the floor. In the living room, make sure that the rug extends under the front feet of every piece of furniture and doesn’t leave any single piece on its own. In the bedroom, an area rug under the bed should extend at least 18 inches beyond a king bed and at least 12 inches beyond a queen or twin. This will help your home feel balanced and put together no matter the size.

Small artwork can have the same effect if hung in the wrong spot. The general rule of thumb is to hang small pieces of art on small walls and large pieces of art on large walls. This will also help create a sense of balance and make your artwork feel proportionate to the space. And don’t forget to hang the artwork at the proper height (the center of the piece or grouping should be between 60” and 66” off from the floor). Hanging artwork too high draws the eye-line up instead of creating a cohesive look with the other furniture and accessories in the room.

You can also make a room feel bigger by eliminating materials that take up space without adding function. For furniture, opt for sofas and chairs that don’t have skirts. The higher legs will make the room seem more open and breezy. Also, mounted shelves can be a good option instead of bookcases. Without a back or sides the shelves will take up less space while providing the same space to display your belongings.

Having a smaller room doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice seating or comfort to make your home beautiful. If you’re struggling to furnish a smaller room, just ask our talented design team for help selecting the right furniture and accessories for the space!