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New Homeowner? Do These Four Things To Be Organized From The Start

Owning a new home is an exciting time… but it’s also overwhelming. On one hand you get to explore the new space and try out different furniture arrangements until you find the perfect layout, but on the other hand you have to unpack your belongings as quickly as possible because you might need to use them. So in the middle of this process, it’s important to implement some places and processes so that you can effortlessly keep your new home clean and organized into the future. 1 – Entryway and coat closet If you don’t want your coats, shoes, purses and keys to end up on the dining room table or draped over seating in the living room, you’ll need an alternative in place from the get-go. Make it easy to leave coats and belongings at the door by utilizing coat racks and shoe organizers. A sofa table in the entryway can be the perfect station for a basket for keys and wallets, or an end table can work just as well if you are tight on space. You can even take it a step further and designate space for outgoing mail, library materials that need returned, and other items that you don’t want to lose track of! 2 – A file cabinet and system Whether or not you have a home office, it’s always a good idea to have a small space designated for important documents, bills, and paperwork. A small desk, filing cabinet or bookshelf could work perfectly in any room! You’ll have great peace of mind knowing that all important documents, like birth certificates, insurance policies, and receipts for big-ticket items are accounted for and available whenever they are needed. Plus, having a spot for bills and items on your to-do list will keep your dining table and counter space clutter-free! 3 – A fully equipped laundry room Although laundry is not always the most enjoyable task in the world, having a fully-stocked area can make the process faster and easier! Consider hanging shelves to organize various detergents and cleaning agents that you might need, and invest in multiple plastic bins or a cabinet with drawers to separate the laundry easily. You can also install a rod or clothesline to hang-dry or starch clothes right there in the laundry room! Just a few low-cost changes can give you some great ideas to save time! 4 – Label Never underestimate the power of the label! Labeling plastic bins that contain small items like medications and toys can help keep your home organized in the future because you’re more likely to stick with a system that is easy to use. You can also label the contents of your pantry with storage containers and mason jars because it is easier to organize containers of the same size, like Tupperware or mason jars! So instead of stuffing small items into random drawers in your new home, group like items together and designate a space that makes most sense for each category, like having tools in the garage or closet and keeping office supplies in a desk or craft corner. That’s the only way to avoid clutter throughout the house or the dreaded junk drawer! Although organizing a new home can seem like a daunting task, it is easier to do if you take it one room at a time! We can help you design a system that will help keep your home looking like new year after year!