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Smart Hacks for Hiding Toys in the Family Room

Are young kids taking over your family room and creating clutter that feels impossible to control? Our furniture experts are here to help. With the right furniture, you can contain the toys while making them easy for children to access and put away!

Create Space Behind the Sofa

Create a narrow toy nook between the sofa and the wall by pulling the sofa away from the wall by about a foot or foot and a half. You can place baskets behind the sofa where toys can be stored when the kids are through playing with them!

Hidden Storage

If you’re particularly tight on space then your furniture needs to work double-time. Look for an ottoman or coffee table with hidden storage. These pieces are also great for storing throw blankets and seasonal pillows.

Totes and Baskets

Toy storage can be trendy too! Look for woven tote bags or jute baskets for decorative toy storage that you will enjoy looking at. These baskets can be tucked into the bottom shelf of a bookcase or in the corner of the living room.

Wooden Chest

Although a chest is a bit bulkier, it is a sturdy way to store toys and will look beautiful too. It can be the perfect way to organize blocks and stuffed animals to keep the floors clear. Chests look great under windowsills and can blend in perfectly with a more traditional style or farmhouse décor.

A Buffet or Dresser

There’s no rule against using a dining room buffet or bedroom dresser in the living room. These pieces of furniture are built specifically to make storage easy, so they’re the perfect solution to a cluttered family room!

Side Tables with Storage

You probably already have a side table somewhere in the living room or family room, so you can easily swap it out for one with more storage options. Look for one with drawers or a shelf with a door so you can keep toys out of sight when not in use. You can even look at nightstands which naturally have a lot of storage options.

Good interior design is about beautiful furniture that functions well too. And when you have young kids, your furniture is going to have to work just as hard as you do! Visit us today and ask about living room furniture with good storage options so you can take back your living room!