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Style Trends For Your Home

We can expect a lot of exciting home design trends in the coming year, whether that means introducing brand new styles or updating vintage themes to fit our modern homes. Here’s how you can incorporate some of the latest designs and trends into your home!

Naturally Inspired Looks

With the advent of smart home devices and increasing presence of technology in our lives, it’s no wonder that the latest design trends of this year seek to incorporate more natural elements into our living space. Organic patterns like florals are finding their way into textiles and wallpapers, making them equally as popular as the geometric designs of the past few years. Warm tones like dusty pink and copper compliment rich greens and browns in many living rooms and kitchens, a departure from the cool grays that have dominated for so many years.

An easy way to incorporate this trend into your home is to add living plants when possible. A simple change of throw pillows or a new piece of accent furniture could also go a long way toward updating your room.

Statement Colors and Artwork

Rather than a focus on minimalist artwork and monochromatic color scheme, many designers are embracing statement colors and artwork. This could entail a bold choice of paint color, or it can mean using bold jewel tones against stark white walls. Be on the lookout for inspiration with dramatic reds, statement pinks, organic greens and bold yellows. These colors will mix well with dark leather furniture and natural wood finishes.

And instead of relying on simple artwork that perfectly matches the color of your furniture or curtains, you can opt for a striking piece of artwork that you love! Look for artwork that captures the beauty of the Hill Country, or maybe artwork that beautifully reflects your hobbies and pastimes.

Artisanal Lighting and Features

Just like the country is clamoring for organic touches that bring natural beauty into our homes, we are also on the lookout for artisanal touches that lend personality to a space. Look for interesting and unusual lighting with vintage flair to brighten up your dining room and kitchen. Bronze and copper are popular finishes this year because they complement the warm tones like taupe and coral. And when looking for decorations, look for functional pieces like vases for fresh flowers and storage boxes that add beauty as well.

When shopping for furniture, look for pieces that incorporate mixed materials like wood, concrete, stone, and metal for an eclectic look. Rather than resigning yourself to one single style, this year is all about letting your personality drive your home design and letting different facets of you shine through. Acrylic furniture is also in this year because it doesn’t take up visual real estate but adds extra surface. This clear furniture helps small rooms feel more open and lighter!

Comfort is King

This is the year that we can say goodbye to uncomfortable furniture and welcome plush upholstered dining chairs and deep sofas with rolled arms. While a modern piece is appropriate every once in a while, we are glad to see that cozy materials and plush upholstery are finding their way into high-end interior design. Soft rugs on hardwood floors and large throw blankets are an easy way to add extra comfort into a home today!