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3 Uncommon Furniture Arrangements that Work Wonders

Every home is a little bit different, so it makes sense that furniture won’t fit the same way in every home. We’ve come up with three unique furniture arrangements that might help you fit in furniture you didn’t think you had space for, or you can create a wonderfully creative room that will stun your friends and family!

Two Sofas Facing Each Other

Most often you’ll see one sofa paired with a love seat or two chairs, but if you want to create a stunning look or you need the extra seating, two sofas might be the perfect solution! And if you’re worried about the space, this is actually a space-saving arrangement as well! This is a great arrangement for formal living room or parlors, outdoor living spaces, or any room where conversation is the primary activity. This arrangement is also perfect for open floor plans because it can create a “room within a room” to separate the living area from the dining area and kitchen.

A Desk at the End of Your Bed

Do you often wish that you had a private room to work with some peace and quite… a bedroom/office combo might be exactly what you need! Often you’ll see a bench or storage chest at the end of a bed, but you can get the most use out of that space with a desk and chair. If you don’t have space for a dedicated office or study (like many of us!), this can be the perfect place to work, craft, sew, or simply get away from it all! For the best look, choose a bed that is roughly as tall as your desk, and pair it with a small to medium sized desk. An accent chair instead of an office chair can complete the look beautifully!

No Room for a Kitchen Table? Try a Breakfast Nook Instead

If you wish that there was a smaller, cozier eating space or you just don’t have a lot of room for dining, a breakfast nook is the way to go. This is a great solution because you can fit this in any unused corner, leaving more space for moving around in the middle of your room. Use a couple of benches or a small-scale sectional against the wall, then place the table and chairs around it for an intimate but highly functional breakfast nook!

We believe that furniture should be beautiful, functional, and FUN! After all, it’s your home and you should be able to arrange your furniture so that it makes sense for you and you can enjoy it the most! So don’t be afraid to get creative and try out different furniture arrangements instead of always sticking to traditional methods!