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A Foolproof Guide to the Perfectly Styled Coffee Table

A coffee table is a very important piece of furniture because it sits right in the center of your living room. However, it is often treated as a simple footrest or catch-all for remotes or odds and ends. But turning it into a work of art doesn’t have to be difficult! Just follow these simple tips to decorate your coffee table like a professional designer!

  1. Coasters

    Stylish coasters are an easy way to add both style and function to your coffee table. Whether you find a gorgeous set at a store or you make your own DIY coasters, we recommend stacking them on your table so they are readily available when you need them and act as decoration when you don’t.

  2. Something Living

    Flowers or potted plants are an excellent way to add color and brightness to your ensemble. Use seasonal favorites or hearty succulents to your living room while also adding height to your coffee table, an important designer trick for creating a balanced look.

  3. Candles

    Candles are a designer’s secret weapon. They are perfect for adding mood lighting when you are entertaining or creating a calming atmosphere for some much needed R&R at the end of the day. Many stores offer decorative candles at a reasonable price, perfect for displaying on your table!

  4. A Bowl or Dish

    Since you will still need a place to store your remotes, you can invest in a pretty bowl or dish to act as storage for your remotes. This will also help you know exactly where the remotes are so you won’t have the whole family scrambling to locate them!

  5. Small Decorative Objects

    Once you have the basics arranged, you can incorporate smaller decorative objects that you love or that have special meaning to you. Coffee table books are also a wonderful way to add personalized character to your space. However, if you prefer a more minimal look, it is fine to leave out these objects.

  6. Tray

    The final piece is to bring some of the objects together on a tray or mat. This will help group your items for a cohesive look, and it will also make it easy to move the objects if you need the space to set out appetizers or drinks. It is a good idea to keep plants and candles on a tray to protect your coffee table.

The beautiful thing about using these tips to arrange your coffee table is that you can personalize each object to make the look completely your own—use your favorite flowers or a scented candle that reminds you of your favorite vacation spot. You can also check out our occasional tables and living room furniture to find the perfect styles for your home to create a room that you love!