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7 Dining Room Styles To Fit Every Home

A dining room isn’t just a place to eat, it’s a space where friends and family gather to share stories and make memories. When you’re decorating your dining room, think about what feeling you want to get when you enter the room. Is it warm and cozy, glamorous and elegant, or a little bit of both? These ideas for dining room décor can help you get started!


Think gingham patterns and large trestle tables. The farmhouse style is making a huge comeback and it’s easy to see why! This effortless look evokes feelings of family style dinners and easy-going holidays. When shopping for decorations, look for simple pendent lights and rustic accents. Try incorporating an antique ladder to store table linens!


Craftsmen style is all about the DIY element. Whether you use artwork made by your children or you try your own hand at sewing the curtains and table cloths, there are many ways you can infuse your own handiwork in the dining room. When shopping for furniture, don’t be afraid to mix and match styles. A traditional dining table with metal/industrial chairs would look great in this dining room!


Hosting glamorous dinner parties will be easy in a vintage style dining room. Look for dining tables and chairs with ornately carved legs and dark varnishes. And when it comes to décor, be on the lookout for elaborate chandeliers and vintage floral patterns. Wall sconces are a great way to add mood lighting. You can also repurpose vintage items like using a breadbox to store table linens!


For the laid-back family. A casual dining room is all about comfort without any unnecessary frills. Textured chairs with upholstered seating or wicker support will fit right in, and you can even add a bench to one side of the dining table. Try incorporating simple, natural accents like potted plants and natural candles.


Create a bright, fun place to dine with a modern dining room. Incorporate lots of natural light with large, open windows. And when it comes to color, go bold! Pair a bright accent color with a neutral like white or gray for a stunning look. And because the modern look is all about balance, try to choose one accent piece to draw attention to. A natural-stone dining table or kitchen island could be a good idea here! Finish the look with simple track lighting and curtains with a solid color.


Create the perfect spot for breakfast or a casual eat-in kitchen space with a dining nook! Shop for small, round tables with both benches and chairs to go around it. You can even look for small loveseats to place against a wall! Ask our sales team about stain-resistant fabric to create a unique dining nook!


If you aren’t ready to go full-on industrial, consider mixing the rustic and industrial styles. This means lots of metal accents plus lots of natural wood features. For furniture, steel chairs with a table that has a natural wood grain finish would look right at home! And when decorating, look for chandeliers with exposed lights as well as stoneware dishes. This style is all about mixing raw utility with natural materials.

Hopefully you’re armed with plenty of new ideas for decorating your dining room! But if you still want more inspiration, try visiting our store! You’ll find everything from tables and chairs to lighting and accessories.