Home Office

Creating an Inspiring Home Office

Many of us are in the unprecedented era of working from home. Whether you are used to this, new to this, love it, or hate it, the bottom line is: if you’re working from home, you need a space that inspires you to continue getting your best work done.

First, know what style you like. Do you gravitate toward a more traditional, serious space? A contemporary, fabulous space? How about eclectic and interesting, or simply clean and minimal? The staple pieces, namely your desk and chair, need to match the style that most speaks to you and your work. Something that makes you immediately inspired by being there. Keep in mind that each style has so many possibilities, you never need to feel boxed in.

Second, keep it simple. Make sure you have places to store everything you need and avoid clutter. Utilizing desk drawers and installing shelving can be good for this, but going with your not-so-typical filing cabinets, bookcases, or an all-in-one desk credenza can be curated to not only create space for organization, but also make room for creative and personal touches.

Lastly, sprinkle in those creative and interesting pieces to create a feel-good ambiance. Accent items are perfect for this. What makes you happy when you see it? Inspiring pieces like wall art, sculptures and figurines, rugs, and lighting really come together to complete a space.

To finish off your home office and make it uniquely yours, don’t forget to add in the personal touches. Put a bookend mid-way through a shelf of books to make room for a family photo. Give some life to your office by adding a few low-maintenance plants for the calming greenery and extra oxygen.

An inspiring space is a productive space. Now it’s time to create yours.