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Do You Have a Favorite Spot in the House?

There’s no denying that we are passionate about “our” spot: on the sofa, at the dining table, a certain chair or side of the bed – the list goes on.

Picture this: your family is spending time together in the living room, about to watch a movie and share some popcorn, when suddenly, “Hey, that’s my spot!” rings throughout the house. Ever heard that? Ever said it? If not, you’re in the minority here. In fact, more than two-thirds of Americans are passionate about “their” spot: on the sofa, at the dining table, a certain chair or side of the bed, the list goes on.

We are creatures of habit, and more specifically, creatures of comfort. Over the past year especially, we have developed our own routine more naturally than we ever have. We’ve probably even “cozied” up our spaces more than we ever have. Spending more time at home than ever before, of course we are going to try and make the ambiance in our home feel as inspiring and as comfortable as we can.

If you find yourself lacking that feeling of inspiration, here are some tips and tricks to help you go about elevating the comfort in your home:

  • Bring in the greenery. Plants are pleasing to the eye and the extra oxygen is a plus. Even if you’re a self-proclaimed bad plant parent, there are many low maintenance plants to choose from out there. Not to mention the option of artificial plants – no judgement, the vibe is still there.
  • Keep the clutter at bay (or hidden, at least). Bookshelves and credenzas can help with organization, just as a side table can create a spot for your favorite “coffee table book” and candle. An uncluttered space is an uncluttered mind.
  • Accent items. Lamps, rugs, throw pillows, blankets – who doesn’t love a cozy blanket? Drape one over the sofa for intentional style, and equally as important, instant comfort. Wall art that speaks to you can boost inspiration effortlessly. Mirrors really brighten up a space, especially if it’s already got some lovely natural light. The possibilities are endless.
  • Lastly, invest in “your spot.” Most of us have one, and let’s face it, the rest of us need one. The question is: how cozy is too cozy?

Where do you envision yourself relaxing at the end of a long day? Find your new favorite spot in the house here