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Mindfully Rustic

Mindfulness is your secret to an intentionally beautiful life. You are a lover of the natural beauty in organic elements, a bit of ruggedness, and quality craftsmanship. Raw materials and pieces with character catch your eye.

When you hear the word “rustic” you may already have ideas in mind of what this means to you. The rustic design was actually born long ago, as settlers moved west in the United States and began to build their homes away from cities, they had to use whatever materials were available, and soon emerged the rustic style well all know and love today. 

The rustic style encompass a wide range of aesthetics within the realm of natural and rugged beauty. Exposed, natural wood for example is probably the most common when it comes to rustic design and furniture, along with stone, plants and other organic materials. You can accentuate the rustic feel with the right accents to really complete your space. Think iron details, woven blankets and furs, nailheads exposed on upholstered furniture. Items that are beautifully worn and weathered pieces are staples as well that create a more antique vibe. 

Rustic styles can also have a bit of a modern twist to them, or even live in the realm of the farmhouse and coastal style. When going the rustic route in your home, you can really mix and match items in different styles with the beautiful rustic style as the base, which makes it so versatile. 

This style is generally a bit more cozy in feel with its typical warm earthy color schemes. For example browns, tans, deep greens and warm toned whites create that interesting yet comfortable, lived-in look.

Here are some ideas on how to create your own rustic look:

  • Brass color faucets and round door knobs.
  • Wooden bench with a woven throw blanket.
  • Raw wood coffee table with a worn, leather couch. 
  • Natural textures and nature themed decor such as antlers, found wood, or plants. 

When styling your home in a rusting theme, using these tips, you really can’t go wrong. We have a lot of options when it comes to creating your own rustic bedroom, living, or dining room. We would love to help you bring your vision to life, stop on by today!