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Rustic Design Style

When it comes to interior design, think of your home as the blank canvas on which you can pour out your personality. This individual expression can be accomplished in any number of ways. You could take inspiration from the home you grew up in, emulate appealing styles you’ve seen online, concentrate on statement pieces you love and build around them — or anything in between.

There are seemingly countless interior design style types, each with its own slight variations, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between them — like contemporary and modern styles, for example. It also gets tricky to put a finger on just what you like about a staged room in a magazine. This interior design style guide will break down some of the most popular and recognizable design styles into their basic elements, teach you how to replicate them in your own home and even share a bit of the history behind the look.

Our first design style we’re going to look at is rustic.

Origin and Inspiration

The rustic style hearkens back to the pioneers who first explored and settled this country. Its barn-inspired elements, imperfect details and way of being an extension of the outdoors make it feel like a connection to the past. This style is typically found in rural houses, such as those nestled in the mountains.

Defining Elements

When it comes to the rustic style, it’s okay if furniture or accessories look rough around the edges. Pieces should shy away from a mass-produced appearance and favor the character of crude details instead. It’s all about reflecting nature, so weathered materials and warm, earthy colors are some of the style’s staples. To further evoke images of tree trunks and logs, rough-hewn beams could be used to frame doors, windows or fireplaces.

Personality and Lifestyle Match

If you’re a history buff or your favorite activity as a child was romping around outside, then the rustic style might be for you. It isn’t a requirement that you live in a rural area to pull off this design style, either. You can incorporate rustic elements in your home no matter where you’re located.

How to Achieve It in Your Home

There are many little ways to give a room a rustic vibe. For instance, you could bring in a side table that features petrified wood, hang up some reclaimed wood wall art or simply use a brown sofa with an oak finish. Repurposed furnishings will fit in perfectly, and fabrics should have some texture to them, like burlap or wool.