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The Color of 2022

“Every year, Pantone chooses a Color of the Year, and it influences many areas of life: fashion, design, home furnishings. How will it influence yours?”

Pantone Color of the Year has been a 22-year tradition beginning in 2000. Every color chosen for the next upcoming year strongly influences many areas of life, such as fashion, design, and home furniture, whether you realize it or not!

Going from the seemingly unrelated colors of 2021, a neutral “Ultimate Gray” and a bright yellow hue “Illuminating,” which were chosen to highlight the unprecedented year we just had, we are back to one color this year, hoping for the best, with a bold yet pastel shade of periwinkle dubbed “Very Peri.”

Pantone comments on our current world of unpredictable change, noting that Very Peri encompasses the “trusted and beloved blue color family…yet at the same time with its violet red undertone, Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions.”


Since this new color of the year announcement, there have been plenty of articles circulating about how to style Very Peri in your wardrobe, but what about pulling it into your home? We think we could all use some of that “courageous creativity” and “imaginative expression” in the place we spend most of our time. We would also like to think that shades of periwinkle can lead to a serene and calming atmosphere, much like the well-known effects of lavender (which is a bit more pastel than periwinkle, says Google)!

Here are some ways you can sprinkle these good feels into your home.

Linens. Some nicely designed dish towels, fluffy bathroom towels, cozy bed sheets, or decorative sham pillows and a new comforter.

Accents. You can start small with throw pillows or a blanket – a touch of periwinkle is perfect for spring. To really go for it, paint an accent wall, or shop some of our bolder accent chairs.



You could always try it out in your guest room first, get the look and feel, and go from there.

At the very least, try some fresh flowers in the serene color of Very Peri. You might as well see how you feel about it – they won’t last too long, anyway. 😉

In any case, we are all hoping for the best in 2022, and Very Peri might just give us that lasting optimism that we all need.

What do you think? Do you like this new color choice for 2022? And, if so, how will you be incorporating it into your life?