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New Year, New You – Can it be True?

It’s almost 2022. Whether or not you believe in New Year’s resolutions (and, most importantly, keeping up with them), there is just something about a new year that makes us want to be better, feel better, and do better.

Completing a full 365 days and all of the ups and downs within them is something to celebrate, and especially this year for reasons we are all VERY well aware of. This of course naturally leads us to craving that clean slate. A fresh start. A new you.

There’s nothing more influential on “you,” your motivation, and your ambition for that fresh start than the place you spend the most time – your home. Updating your space is never a bad idea at any time throughout the year, but at the end of it all, big or small, this might be exactly what we need.

That “new year, new you” phrase is arguably overused – we’ve all heard it – and reasonably so. We love the feeling of that new year boost in motivation. We’re more energetic, ambitious, and optimistic, which are also qualities that we could all really benefit from right now.

When thinking of your home, it’s so much more than that: it’s your safe space, your work space, your creative space, your quality-time space. What better a time to give you that little (or big) boost in good feels by freshening up your surroundings. In fact, it makes sense that something as big as a new living room, or something as small as a new rug, can help you stay in that new year mindset that we all love.

Consider some of these updates to begin 2022:

Spruce up your work space. As many of us are working from home, we could all use a little more excitement where all of the hard work happens. We go in-depth here talking all things home office and how to spark your inspiration. 

Consider the small things: a new bedspread, changing up the throw pillows and blankets on your sofa, or wall mirrors for extra flair. The small things go a long way without costing you too much time and energy. 

Create a nook. Somewhere you can curl up and read a book, have a cup of coffee in peace, or simply to look out a window and count your blessings. Accent chairs and side tables are perfect for this. 

To really go for it, update your sofa! Or trade that sofa in for a cozy sectional with tons of room for your loved ones. You could even consider a new dining set, where all of the good conversations and catch-ups happen.

Lastly, plants. Always add plants.

Come and browse our latest sale and get ready for the new year that brings out the new you.

Have a great new year celebration, and HAPPY 2022!